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Interview with BBC Radio Lincolnshire

It was a pretty surreal moment for me to be interviewed by BBC Radio Lincolnshire about being the founder of Apricity Yoga and what my Yoga sessions have to offer to Lincolnshire. A huge thank you to Rob Makepeace and the team for reaching out to me and of course a huge thank you to Charlie Burley for speaking with me. In the interview, Charlie and I talk about how Apricity Yoga came to be, the benefits of yoga classes and I even add in a few tips and tricks for those who are looking to add some yoga into their health and fitness routine. It was such an honour and definitely something that I will always remember.

(P.S If you’re looking for a sign to do something out of your comfort zone this is it... I promise, you will thank yourself later!)

Skip to 34 minutes in on "In The Game" 10/05/2023, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, to listen to the interview in full.

Arm Chair Yoga at Glenholme Carehome

Glenholme Care Home welcomed me to teach a private session to their residents (look at Roy’s lovely smile!)  I really enjoyed helping the residents get some movement into their day, keeping their joints healthy and mobile and bringing a new face to their residential living, we even listened to some classics from back in the day while we stretched and moved, I’m looking forward to our next session!


Health and Wellbeing Event

I really did have the best morning teaching Yoga at Walled Garden Baumber's Health and well-being event 🧘🏻‍♀️  A huge thank you to everybody that came to the yoga class, it was so lovely to meet new people and welcome them to the Apricity Yoga community! What a beautiful way to start the weekend.

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