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Walking to Yoga class

Custom Made Group Classes

The answer to all of your set backs.

​When trying to find a suitable group class, lots of anxieties and doubts can come into our heads. Perhaps we ask ourselves "what if everybody else there is an expert? My local Yoga classes are held at awkward times of the day of which I can't attend" and so fourth... This is where Apricity Yoga comes in and all of these important details are put into your control.


You get to choose who comes along, it is just you and your close friends or family that would like to give yoga a go. You get to choose the weekly time slot that suits you all best with flexibility each week. You have the choice of a wide range of village halls and parish rooms local to your area where the classed can be held. Each attendee will answer a formalities form so that the classes are specifically planned each week based upon your fitness goals, specific aches and pains. This insures that you all get the most out of your sessions, all you have to do is watch your dream yoga class unfold and come to life, what's not to love?

Creating Your Dream Yoga Class
1. Gather three + of your friends or family, 2. Choose the intensity or style of your class, 3. Choose your day and time of the week (subject to availability), 4. Choose where your classes are held from the locations on the map!

Places To Hold Your Custom Made Group Class:


Hundleby Parish rooms,

Horncastle Community Centre,

Woodhall Spa Coronation Hall.

If you know of a local village hall or bookable facility that

you'd like to be taught in, get in touch!

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