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Client Testimonials

Amazing Pain Relief​

" It really is amazing pain relief. Can I just say that I had a painless nights sleep. Not only that, I was pain free for the duration of the next day. I can't wait to come back"

- Julie, Hundleby

I Couldn't Be Happier​

"I had my first yoga session with millie tonight and I couldn't be happier! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I'll definitely be coming back for more sessions"

- Olivia, Hundleby

You Have No Idea How Much Of A Difference You Have Made To Me​

"The sequences you choose are perfect, all stuff I love. Tonight was just so restorative and had all the elements I needed"

- Robyn, Lincoln

Such A Gift​

"A beautiful meditation, thank you again. its such a gift for me to get to relax. Much needed and super lovely"​

- Lucy, Lincoln

I Am Now Hooked​

" Thank you Millie. I really enjoyed your class and as a newbie to yoga I am now hooked and cannot wait for next week"

- Marie, Hagworthingham

Freedom From Back Pain

After a referral from the GP, Tammy joined her local Apricity Yoga class. "Since I started these session, I haven't felt any back pain or had any twinges at all, only on the one week that I couldn't attend!"

- Tammy, Horncastle

Got It Just Right​

"Thank you so much for my first session. Having not done any yoga for a while you got it just right with gentle stretching and relaxation. Really looking forward to my next class"

- Katie, Sausthorpe

Amazing First Yoga Session​

Thank you so much for an amazing first yoga session! I really enjoyed it and you guided me through it so well as a total beginner! I felt so zen, I can't wait for another session next week"​

- Aimee, Norfolk

Thoroughly Enjoyable​

"Balance of calm, relaxation and challenge with clear instruction, making sure that everyone is comfortable and safe, helping everyone improve. A thoroughly enjoyable hour, relaxing soothing and full of stretches"

- Sam, Hagworthingham

Time Flies When You're Having Fun​


" Gosh, it always flies by. It must be the quickest hour of the week"​

- Kim, Horncastle

I felt great afterwards.

Thank you for yesterday's session. I felt great afterwards. Where I sat the sun was shining on me and it was lovely.

Andy, Horncastle

Operation Recovery

"I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has recently had surgery"

C, Woodhall


"Millie is an inspirational teacher. Here one-on-one session gave me the confidence to get back on my mat. She is gentle and professional and a pleasure to work with"

Ann, Doddington

Improved Nights Sleep​

" I definitely slept better with how my back felt after the first session"

- Tom Dunholme

Reaching New Heights


I touched my feet with my head last night in cobblers pose! Ive never been able to do that before!"

Olivia, Hundleby

Its All Paying Off

"Ive just realised that's the first time I've ever been able to get my head to the floor! It's all paying off, tonight was lovely, thank you.

- Robyn, Lincoln

I'm Amazed

"I'm amazed at how deep breathing can help you stretch so much deeper. I normally struggle folding forwards to reach my ankles, however with the deep breath I was amazed at how much further I could go".​

Jane, Hundleby

I Must Be Getting Stronger

"I can remember not being able to do chair pose as my knees couldn't hold me... but now my knees are getting stronger and I can feel that I am much better at using the muscles in my legs"

- Samantha, Hundleby

Best Teacher I've Come Across

"I have had a few sessions with Millie now and I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve practiced yoga for several years and she’s the best teacher I’ve come across. She is a lovely person and yet so professional. She adapts the sessions to whatever I need at the time, and tailors them perfectly. I finish the classes feeling completely restored and relaxed".

- Robyn, Lincoln

So Much More Movement In My Body​

" I wanted to say how much I enjoyed my session with you today. With constant pain, I struggle to relax, however whilst concentrating on breathing my tight muscles began to relax. combined with gentle stretching I was able to get much more movement into my body. You're a fantastic Yoga Teacher and I can't wait for my next session"

- Lynn, Horncastle


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