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Millie Briggs - 200 Hour Registered Certified Yoga Teacher
7 years of Yoga experience and 4 subsequent diplomas.  

Welcome to Apricity Yoga, my name is Millie. I have been practicing Yoga for 7 years and over that time I have learnt (and still am learning) so much about myself. Yoga has taught me the importance of self-investment, rest and recovery and finding that balance and connection with the mind, body and breath. I wanted to share how wonderful that felt with others, especially those who suffer with physical or emotional pain... so with a vision in mind, I qualified as a Registered Certified Yoga Teacher (RCYT) in February 2021.

My work as a Yoga teacher is proving to be the most rewarding experience of my life so far. From helping clients get movement back into the body after cancer treatment, to soothing years of aches and pains so that my students can finally get a painless night's sleep, I really wouldn't change this job for the world.


What Apricity Yoga has to offer

1-2-1 At Home Yoga Classes
A gentle introduction to Yoga in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are perfect if you're looking for a more personal approach to your yoga practise. Whether you have recently had surgery, been given a diagnosis and your GP has recommended Yoga to you, or just need that 1 on 1 guidance that you struggle to get from other Yoga classes, Apricity Yoga 1-2-1 sessions are here to support you. We will work through your health, fitness and wellbeing goals each week adapting the sessions to not only target specific areas but to the flows and postures (asanas) that you really enjoy.

Custom Made Group Classes - Your dream group class comes to life

Having your Yoga classes custom made to suit you will give you the answer to all of your set backs.

​When trying to find a suitable group class, lots of anxieties and doubts can come into our heads. Perhaps we ask ourselves "what if everybody else there is an expert? My local Yoga classes are held at awkward times of the day of which I can't attend" and so fourth... This is where Apricity Yoga comes in and all of these important details are put into your control. You get to choose who comes along, it is just you and your close friends or family that would like to give yoga a go. You get to choose the weekly time slot that suits you all best with flexibility each week. You have the choice of a wide range of village halls and parish rooms local to your area where the classed can be held. Each attendee will answer a formalities form so that the classes are specifically planned each week based upon your fitness goals, specific aches and pains. This insures that you all get the most out of your sessions, all you have to do is watch your dream yoga class unfold and come to life, what's not to love? ​

Meditation and Relaxation Workshops

Immerse yourself in a deep meditation. Setting the tone for the evening with mood lighting, relaxing music, Elemis balm temple massage, deep breath work and a guided meditation. Allowing the body to sink deep into the mat, completely releasing all tension from the body, entering a state of pure serenity. This service is available for private and group sessions

Where To Find Me


Apricity Yoga Gift Cards

If you have an occasion coming up but still no clue on what to choose for a gift, give the gift of Yoga! You can purchase an unlimited amount of yoga class gift cards for your friends and family whatever the occasion with FREE personalisation.

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My Credentials2OO Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Secondary Yoga Diploma - Distinction with CofE, Registered with The Yoga Alliance, Member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, Health and Safety Diploma, Fire and Emergency Diploma and 6 Years Yoga Experience

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