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Corporate Yoga and Brand Collaboration

Browse through to learn about Corporate Yoga and Brand Collaboration, who I have worked with in the past and if your business/team would benefit from working with Apricity Yoga

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Corporate Yoga

What is Corporate Yoga and what are the benefits to my team?

Corporate Yoga is a Yoga practice that takes place exclusively in the workplace, often as part of an employee wellbeing scheme to bring a team or department together, increase employee productivity and improve workplace morale and bonding.

If you are in a position of management and would like to offer this to your team please reach out and get in contact!

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Brand Collaboration

Why do brands collaborate and would this be beneficial for me?

Brand collaboration is when two or more brands come together to create something new. This can range from wellbeing events, to retreat weekends.

I have worked with multiple businesses to bring new clients to their venues and help drive their brand awareness. Getting to know the faces behind the big brands and mixing up new ideas to work towards a common goal is something that both myself and my project partners have found fruitful.

If you'd like to team up with Apricity Yoga or hire our services for your event, please get in touch, we would love to hear your ideas!

Laughing During a Meeting

Businesses that I have worked with:

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