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About Me

Welcome to Apricity Yoga, my name is Millie. I have been practicing Yoga for 7 years and over that time I have learnt (and still am learning) so much about myself. Yoga has taught me the importance of self-investment, rest and recovery and finding that balance and connection with the mind, body and breath. I wanted to share how wonderful that felt with others, especially those who suffer with physical or emotional pain... so with a vision in mind, I qualified as a Registered Certified Yoga Teacher (RCYT) in February 2021.


My work as a Yoga teacher is proving to be the most rewarding experience of my life so far. From helping clients get movement back into the body after cancer treatment, to soothing years of aches and pains so that my students can finally get a painless night's sleep, I really wouldn't change this job for the world.

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Areas of Expertise

Yoga Movements, Flows and Postures

The "can you touch your toes?" analogy...

When the word "Yoga" is mentioned, the joke of "I can't even touch my toes" is often thrown around. It is a well-known fact that everybody was born with different proportions and genetics. Those who cannot reach their toes likely have shorter arms and longer legs than those that can!

While it can be achieved in time with practise and patience, reaching your toes is not a measure of flexibility, but often a measure of your bone genetics and build. With this in mind, your 1-2-1 yoga movements will be shaped to fit you and you only. Not making you fit yoga, but making yoga fit you.

Breathing Techniques and Excercises

The term: "Breathing exercises" may seem bizarre, considering you breathe all day, every day without even thinking about it. However, breath work dates back to 200BC in Ancient India where Pranayama began. The Ancient Indian Yogis taught that your breath is your life force (Sanskrit - Pranayama - life force) and should be worshiped. It is beneficial to learn more about your inhales and exhales, become connected to your breath and to combine it with movement to guide yourself to meditation as you focus on within.

Mental Health and Physical Benefits

Do you ever find that your mind bullies your body?

Your body is constantly re-storing itself, like when you fall and scrape your knee for example, it heals your wounds and looks after you. Your body will thank you for looking after it in return with a frequent yoga practise.


Do you ever find that your mind bullies your body? Beginning 1-2-1 sessions can teach them to work with one another. Burning calories, weight-loss, feeling well rested and therefore getting better sleep all link to being a healthier, happier and calmer person. 







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