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W E L L N E S S   S P O T L I G H T

Supporting local wellness providers to shine in their community

A P R I C I T Y   Y O G A

Dear Local Wellness Provider

Thank you for your interest in the Apricity Yoga Newsletter’s Spotlight Feature. I started out with just one private client: Who kindly reccomended me to a friend, who enlisted me as part of their activities team, which got me onto talking with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, which lead to hosting retreat events and even filming for ITVX in the Summer of 2023. I say this to demonstrate just how your business can flourish from one single client. 

Great word of mouth and networking have been the key to getting Apricity Yoga to where it is today. By providing the Wellness Spotlight feature in my monthly/bi-monthly newsletters, I hope to share your business and your wonderful talents to the community to give you the little push you may need to get the ball rolling.

lets get started! 


Millie Briggs - Founder of Apricity Yoga 

Your Application

Please fill in the details below to the best of your ability. You will have space in the “additional information” section to add anything you feel we may have missed.


Please upload your files into the provided spaces



Please submit a PDF of your Logo.

Please submit any photos you'd like to be used on the advert.

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Our spotlight feature is only available to wellness providers to ensure that we reach a relevant target audience. (A wellness provider is somebody who offers services or products that focus on the promotion of good mental, physical and lifestyle health). The Apricity Yoga newsletter is an online newsletter that will be shared on the Apricity Yoga Facebook page, The Apricity Yoga Instagram page and will be shared to local community pages on Facebook. If you have chosen for the newsletters to be printed and handed out to Apricity Yoga’s regular clients by ticking the box above accordingly, Millie will be printing and creating the physical newsletters herself and handing them out to those who attend her yoga sessions on the week of the newsletter being released. We will release a new newsletter every 1 to 2 months and you are welcome to re-submit for a secondary feature upon payment renewal. It is not permitted for you to share any edited or cropped versions of your advertisement in the newsletter, you must share the newsletter in its entirety. Apricity Yoga is not responsible for the amount of sales that come from your advertisement. You are paying solely for the exposure, brand awareness and time taken to create the spotlight for your business. 

Please select your spotlight feature size
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Thanks for submitting your application! Millie will be in touch soon with the next steps!

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